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Print Materials

Print Materials

We currently offer the following materials for 3D printed prototype parts: PLA, ABS, and CPE.  Unless otherwise noted, parts will be printed in PLA material in silver.  Want a custom color for your part?  Just ask!

Print Materials

Print Files

If you do not have the proper file or need a quote on scanning services, please contact us directly.  Files must be created sized to the desired final product for printing. .igs .iges .stp .step .brep .3ds .ase .dxf .stla .stlb .stl .wrl .iv .obj .swv .gmod .iv

Print Materials

Print Industries

While we work with a wide variety of companies from the manufacturing sector to jewelers, from dentistry to toy makers, any company with a focus on customization can benefit from the 3D printed services that Proto-Print USA offers.

About Us

Proto-Print USA is an innovative partner for the prototyping industry.  We work with companies large and small to manufacture high resolution 3D printed parts in a variety of materials to save both time and cost.

Our 3D printed parts offer our clients a variety of uses, from testing parts for sizing/fitting to complete component functionality.  Having a physical moving piece before spending countless man hours and cost on building tooling is an invaluable asset to any company in the manufacturing sector.

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